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Jose Feliciano 2014 1950's - A little boy at camp finds his passion 1950's - The teen-age Jose hones his craft 1960's - Jose with his beloved girl, Trudy 1960's - Gigging the coffeehouse circuit of Greenwich Village 1970's - Crackin' up Sammy Davis, Jr. 1970's - Jamming with Johnny Cash 1970's - Cruising 'round Southern California with his buddy, Forrest 1970's - Feliciano, an Introspective Artist 1980's - On Tour with Susan in Egypt 1980's - Jose on electric guitar: diverse and loving it! 1980's - Feliciano - The Consummate Musician 1980's - Jose Feliciano, the Father 1990's - Peaceful 1990's - The Symphonic Performer 2000's - With Oprah 2000's - Jose is joined onstage at Carnegie Hall by Paul Simon 2000's - The Quintessential Performer -El Maestro 2000's - Jose parties with the Travolta's in Mexico! 2000's - Jose and his Bandmates 2000's - Jose with the Great Les Paul 2010's - As Jose always says, 'The sky is the limit!'

The name FELICIANO is synonymous with MUSIC and accordingly, this legendary musician has been called "the world's greatest living guitarist."

Welcome to Jose Feliciano's Personal Website, the Official Home on the Web where you can discover the breadth of Jose's talent and achievements: from his humble beginnings as a child, to becoming a crossover superstar in both the Latin and English music industries; to performing in symphony halls and concert stages around the world, and to be celebrated as an international treasure in the world of music.

We invite you to use the navigational headings above to browse at your leisure and learn more about Jose Feliciano. Read about his life, his music and his current activities. Listen to and download his music, watch video footage and enjoy yourself as you enter the world of Jose FELICIANO!

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