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How Time Flies...

We last caught up with you during Springtime, following some particularly interesting happenings: from an engagement with Bad Bunny at Coachella to an invitation at The White House and with a string of gigs from Maui and Napa to elsewhere throughout California and beyond. A busy Spring left Team Feliciano longing to stop and hang for a we did.

Jose took some summer down-time and really enjoyed being home, especially with his twin grandsons, celebrating their first birthday, later in the Fall.

Then, packed up again and looking forward to playing the "Big E," in Massachusetts for the first time, the Band were back on the road for the fourth quarter of 2023. The "Big E," if you don't know, is a mega venue, in fact the world's only multi-state fair where, for over a hundred years, has been a massive New England tradition.

Soon after, Jose accepted an invitation to perform for a special event in Carnegie Hall, celebrating the History and Music of Greenwich Village during the time when Jose was 'discovered' there, playing at Gerde's Folk City in 1964. The event not only benefited the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation but Music Cares, the vital organization established by NARAS, the home of the Grammy. He continued on to California again, Florida, Connecticut, Dallas, the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and at the World Trade Center for the Performing Arts in NYC, as part of their inaugural week celebration, ending up in time for a Christmas gig at Sony Hall, in New York's Theatre District.

We hope your Holiday was special, filled with love and peace, in closing out the year.

In approaching our 2024 touring season, I’m really looking forward to sharing my music with as many of my friends and fans as possible. We already have a nice series of concerts around the U.S and in South America and hopefully, soon, we’ll be able to travel to venues even beyond the Americas.

That being said, it’s important for you to know, deep in all your hearts, how much I love you, respect and treasure you, but not only as ticket-buyers but as people that I cherish greatly. You matter and I want you to know that…

My goal is simple: to please you and to make you happy. I’ll do everything I can to always make that happen.

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I enjoy Jose's music its wonderful I do want to report a scammer who has tried to get money it makes me angry that someone would use someone lifetime work to cheat people

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