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A New York State of Mind

This week, Jose met up with with his buddy, Bill McDermott, CEO of Service Now, which (not so) simply put, is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that makes the world of work, work better for the world. Though they met many years ago, they've maintained their mutual loyalty, love and respect for the obvious genius present within the other.

Their brotherhood will oftentimes bring them together when Bill is hosting his company's CEO global summits and celebrations around the world. He invited Jose to join him at their event at The Lincoln Center where he'd chosen it as the venue to present Jose, in the presence of his friends and industry associates, a memento to Jose's lifetime achievement. Simply put (yet again): coming from Bill McDermott, this is far more than a memento; on many levels, it is a treasure to be cherished, forever...

Before the spectacular backdrop of Manhattan's Columbus Circle, Bill stood onstage with Jose and told the story of their meeting and relationship that's flourished for decades. He talked about Jose's inspiring story, though everyone there already knew Bill's own story to be equally as inspiring. He openly shared his gratitude and affection for Jose then, as a surprise, presented him with the most stunningly elaborate award; a unique object d'art designed for Jose, complete with a personal inscription in Braille. When words wouldn't suffice Jose, in turn, presented Bill's favorite song, 'In My Life,' to where we all melted...

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