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BEHIND THIS GUITAR a documentary film

Nearly five years ago Helen Murphy, Frank Licari and the Feliciano Family embarked upon a journey, celebrating the life of Jose Feliciano, in film. They began by following the year 2018, the 50th anniversary of Feliciano's legendary interpretation of the Star-Spangled Banner and his trajectory onto the world stage with his RCA album, Feliciano!, featuring it's mega-hit, Light My Fire.

The Film Team followed Jose Feliciano as he traveled to The Caribbean for an historic return to his home town, Lares, Puerto Rico and a triumphant concert in its capitol city, San Juan. They continued to Washington, D.C. where the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History was poised to receive the actual guitar that Jose used when recording the Feliciano! album as well as to Detroit Michigan where his groundbreaking interpretation of The National Anthem was rendered. There, the city relived their baseball team's World Series victory, which had been the setting for his iconic performance some 50 years before.

Frank, Helen and their film crew then went to Los Angeles and the mountain-top home of Jose's RCA producer, Rick Jarrard; to Miami in order to meet with his Latin producer of note, Rudy Perez and up North to speak with the RCA exec who discovered Jose in a coffeehouse in Greenwich Village and recorded his debut album, in New York City.

They criss-crossed the country interviewing family, friends, celebrities and Jose' himself, interweaving detailed conversations about the man who not only climbed the mountain of super-stardom but defied the odds by simply making it to his first birthday!

JOSE FELICIANO: BEHIND THIS GUITAR tells of that story and much more. And after COVID's unexpected intermission, a growing number of film festivals are again showcasing the film as its worldwide release is finally near at hand.

Visit here and the official website, Jose Feliciano, Behind This Guitar (linked above) for updates, fan stuff, trailers and more!

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